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 The unique features of membrane structures are mainly ascribable to the structural behaviour of flexible elements ,such as cables and membranes,and their differences compared with the components of more conventional roofs .

As manufacturers, suppliers or clients we shape the future of Tensile structures, Tensile Membrane Structure, Roof Structure, Skylight Gazebo, Car Parking Structures,

modular canopy tent on a daily basis. There is an increasing confidence in the structural capacity and longevity of architectural fabrics as building materials due to construction of diverse membrane structures and development of new fabrics. Year by Year we built Amazing and inspiringly beautiful buildings. World class sporting stadiums, Olympic games venues, entire airports and railway stations, huge shopping malls, Tensile Membrane Structures, Roof Structures, sunshades, Skylight Gazebo, Car Parking Structures, canopy tent in locations never before imagined ñ in deserts or on snow, on rooftops 5 storeys high, in the wet tropics. So it is with such benchmarks we drive the growth and adaptability of Tensile structures to so many areas of daily life. Steel frameworks and quality stainless steel fittings such as turnbuckles and shackles enhance the aesthetics of these structures. Tensile structures are available in various fabric types ranging from high performance teflon-coated fibreglass to more price conscious laminated materials and meshes.

Determining parameters and objectives of the structure

Shapes and Forms
Components of a structure
The collaborative efforts of client , architect , engineer , head contractors and fabricators takes the design development phase of a tensile membrane structure project towards growing bars.Determining the Boundaries of tensiled structure is the first step.Boundaries consist of Walls+Beams+Trees+Fences+Columns+Cables heights+Substrata services and composition.Question arises is – What does the structure need to acheive eg. high visibility , weather protection , screening etc. ?
The Tensile fabric is continuously fixed to walls or beams or attached to columns. Between Connection points where cable or webbing is required for carrying loads over major structural points , fabric forms curved edge or “a Catenary Curve “. Catenaries are usually curved inward from 7 to 15{52a90a2bdbf0f8901a427cfd5512bbf0bd5a1a84b159a3cd5800e9e07a0b89c0} of the total length of the span. After determination of parameters the next step is of developing design. There could be the involvement of either a basic design or computer aided design.