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The most common forms of tensile membrane structures include

Point or frame supported system

Repeat patterned system

Cantilevered arch supported system

Simple saddle hypar system

Mast-supported systems, similar to tent-like structures in form, are made of one or several peaks supported by central poles. A compression ring or ìbaleî ring connects the fabric to the central support of the mast and facilitates erection and stressing of the fabric. Circus tents, Umbrellas and Inverted Umbrellas fit into this category. Point-supported systems produce a clear span with no central mast. An exterior frame or a series of peripheral masts supports the fabric peaks. This is a popular design system where an irregular space exists or a free form structure is sought.

For creating a clear span structure , The parallel edge or repeat pattern system is another approach.The fabric is supported along the perimeter by parallel masts with the fabric alternating between high and low points. To introduce curved compression members as the main supporting element ,Canilevered arch-supported system avoid’s interior supports. For lateral stability in cantilevered arch-supported systems, cross arches or diagonal bracing may be used.

To avoid interior supports as well as massive footings, a Span Shade Frame supported system may be appropriate. Fabric is attached to a structural frame. The primary structural components carry the majority of forces within the system, so that the fabric is used purely as a cladding. The Aditya Shade systems and  structure has made frame supported systems modular and straightforward for installers. Finally, the simple saddle system or hypar is a four or more point structure formed when the fabric is stretched tautly between a set of alternating high and low points. Much of the appeal of hypars is in their changing 3D appearance from any viewing angle.